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With this ring, I thee wed…

Wedding season is upon us, and engaged couples are searching for those special items that they will cherish for years to come. Wedding gift registries offer the opportunity to collect items that will create memories and symbolize a couple’s lives together. Rather than become overwhelmed by yet another task throughout the wedding planning process, we at BOMSHBEE want to help brides and grooms simplify and enjoy the task of choosing goods that will complete your home as you embark on this meaningful journey. 

One of our favorites gift ideas for wedding gifts are BOMSHBEE’s RING glasses — a perfect addition for any household and especially appropriate for wedding registry and gifts!

When it comes to tableware and home goods, we recommend adding items that have functional use, as well as enhance the elegant design of the home. We are providing some points to consider when choosing items to add to a wedding registry.

Think long-term:

Marriage is a commitment, and so is choosing essential products for a new family home. Whether considering a dinnerware set for family holidays or a fragrance diffuser that will set the mood from the moment anyone enters the home, you will want to have confidence that each gift will be part of your life for many years.

Choose elegant design:

In addition to function, home goods serve to reflect your style. The beauty and quality of the items is as important as their purpose, so choose items with aesthetic that both parties appreciate. You can’t go wrong with classic and sophisticated design. Sharing a home means that each item should reflect the desired image of the two creating it.

Focus on daily essentials:

After opening wedding gifts, you should feel confident that the two of you have everything you need in terms of kitchenware and home decor. Be sure to include items for everyday use. When registering, consider how much use you will get out of the products and whether you will be excited for each use. Regularly using items that remind you of your special day will create extraordinary experiences from simple moments. Imagine the memories you can share every single day!

Include special occasion items:

In addition to items you will put to use frequently, be sure to have a few items that will make appearances on holidays and anniversaries. Reserving treasured goods for certain celebrations will produce excitement behind the idea of using them. Over the years, family and friends will talk about the memories they have made surrounded by these special pieces.


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