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Lemonade & Sunshine

With spring upon us and summer just around the corner, who isn’t ready for a refreshing glass of ice-cold lemonade? Here at BOMSHBEE, we believe that the pitchers and glassware for serving drinks are just as important to the experience as what is in them. Our optic carafe pitcher and optic highball glasses are perfect for serving up this thirst-quenching lemonade. 


10 large lemons

2 cups sugar

7 cups water

1 cup strawberries, quarter-sliced

Ice (if desired)


Juice lemons. This can be done with a juicer if you have one. If you juice by hand, we recommend rolling the lemon back and forth against a hard surface then slicing it in half. Juice all 8 lemons by squeezing them over a mixing bowl, and then strain the pulp from the liquid. Add sugar to lemon juice and stir together until the sugar is mixed well into the liquid. Pour water over mixture and stir until sugar dissolves. Blend the strawberries. The purée option for blending creates the ideal consistency for this mixture. Pour strawberry purée into optic carafe pitcher or other BOMSHBEE pitcher. Pour lemonadesolution into the pitcher, and store in refrigerator until serving.

To serve: Stir generously before serving. Fill optic highball glass with ice and pour strawberry lemonade over ice. Garnish with strawberry slice and or lemon slice.

The BOMSHBEE philosophy is “the little matters.” This delicious and beautiful drink is simple to make and will enrich your enjoyment of the little moments that make up your summer. Whether you sip poolside surrounded by friends or while relaxing on your patio at sunset, this refreshing beverage is sure to make for a summertime of sweet moments.


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