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Strong & Beautiful: The Making Of Angle Glassware

Traditional craftsmanship, durable glass, and a minimalist design form the foundation behind BOMSHBEE’s best-selling Angle glassware collection.

From tapered highballs to sleek water glasses, Angle glassware is one of BOMSHBEE’s most popular drinkware options – and it’s easy to see why. Reminiscent of the laboratory beakers and centrifuge tubes you used in high school chemistry class, these elegant products have been handmade using ultra-durable, crystal-clear, and temperature-resistant borosilicate glass.

What is borosilicate glass? Americans might recognize the brand name, Pyrex, a kitchenware brand introduced by Corning Inc. in 1915. But this particularly sturdy type of glass actually dates back to the 19th century, when it was invented by a German glassmaker named Otto Schott. For nearly 150 years, borosilicate’s resilient and robust characteristics have made it the glass of choice for high-end tableware, scientific laboratories, wineries, light manufacturers, and even medical devices.

“Borosilicate essentially sets the gold standard for glass,” says BOMSHBEE co-founder William Lau. “It’s durable, beautiful, and can resist thermal shock, meaning it doesn’t crack under high temperatures.” 

Though strong, borosilicate glass still feels lightweight and delicate, which is a testament to the handmade, glass-blowing artisan process. Crafting borosilicate glass requires molten temperatures: First, the artisans heat up glass cylinders until malleable, then carefully mold the piping-hot glass into the desired shape, using a mix of metal tools and controlled fire. Next, glassblowers usually refine the glass by hand using a mold, before leaving it to cool and set.

The Making Of Angle Tapered DOF

“It’s a layered, fascinating way of making glass,” Lau explains. “It’s extremely challenging, but the craftsmen we have partnered with have really made this their life’s work.”

To craft its Angle glassware, BOMSHBEE works with a family-run factory in China’s Hebei province, a few hours outside of Beijing. “The factory was started in 1999 by Mr. Liu, the father. Now, his three sons also work at the factory and have become glassware experts,” Lau says. “They’ve been honing their craftsmanship for over two decades, really focusing on their expertise and knowledge of borosilicate.”

During twice-annual visits to the factory, Lau often discusses the design process with the Liu family, exchanging ideas on new shapes, forms, and techniques. “The Lius are very supportive and keen to hear more about BOMSHBEE products,” Lau says. “It’s nice to have that creative dialogue when we’re bringing our designs to life.”

The end result is BOMSHBEE’s Angle glassware collection, which features exceptional clarity, scratch-resistant durability, and gracefully tapered edges that are both attractive and functional. Among the different types of Angle glasses – all sold in sets of two – BOMSHBEE offers various sizes, shapes, and two color options: clear glass or a fresh teal that’s perfect for mixing and matching.

The Angle Taper DOF, for instance, makes an excellent glass for casual dinner parties, while the Angle Bell Highball showcases softer lines and a bulbous base – ideal for unleashing your inner mixologist. The Angle Bold DOF glasses combine a little rustic flair that the whole family will love, and the Angle Taper Highballs exude sleek, modern vibes.

“BOMSHBEE’s Angle glassware’s elegant, minimalist curves, crystal-clear hue, and crisp lines not only provide our customers with the perfect piece of dinnerware, but they also showcase the artistry of the people we work with,” says Lau. “These are glasses made to impress and stand the test of time.”


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