Mother’s Day at BOMSHBEE!

As Mother’s Day approaches, here at BOMSHBEE, we reflect on the many ways our mother has influenced our lives and our business. Our mother is at the heart of our business on every level — from the beautiful to the practical, and we are grateful to her for her hard work through the years, her patience with us, her guidance and her continued love and support.  

Not only did our mother teach us about the business through her deep experience of nearly 30 years in the home goods and tableware industry, she also inspired the name of the business. In the spirit of finding connection and purpose through our tableware, we chose the name BOMSHBEE, a heartfelt play on all the nicknames our mom gave us as children. BOM is Stephen, SHU is William and B is Anthony. Literally, BOM-SHU-B as our parents called us at the same time. When naming our brand, we combined it to make BOMSHBEE.

Our philosophy is “the little matters.” In our work at BOMSHBEE, we do our best to rely on all that she has taught us and create beautiful quality products that can enhance homes and be a part of beautiful family memories, the way that she has done for us through the years. We are grateful to our mother for the many big things she has done for us and our lives, but we also realize that there were so many little things she did that we didn’t even notice at the time.  

We will continue to do our work in a way that honors our mother and hope that in doing so, we are able to help other families make similar connections with loved ones in their homes. With gratitude to our mum — and a very happy Mother’s Day, 

William and Anthony Lau
Founders of BOMSHBEE