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How To Enjoy A Summertime Classic, The Aperol Spritz, All Year Long

We may be transitioning from the sun-drenched days to the crisp and colorful embrace of Fall/ Winter, but that doesn’t mean you have to bid farewell to your beloved Aperol Spritz.

Though we often associate the refreshing effervescence and bittersweet grapefruit notes as a remedy for summer’s heat and humidity, spritz cocktails – Aperol included – have actually been cherished year-round for centuries.

Only recently has this classic drink enjoyed its newfound cult status as “the drink of the summer”– a title bestowed upon it by prestigious publications like The New York Times and the BBC.

Indeed, the Aperol Spritz holds a storied history dating back to early 20th-century Italy (though spritz cocktails have been a regional staple for much longer). Italians have long embraced this delightful concoction, thanks to its simple yet foolproof formula – a recipe that even the most novice bartenders can master. Just remember the magic “3-2-1” recipe: three parts sparkling wine, two parts Aperol, and one part soda water.

This straightforward, easy-to-recall recipe played a role in the drink’s resurgence over the past five years. Even at the beginning of 2022, when much of the northern hemisphere endured wintery weather, Aperol sales surged by a remarkable 72% worldwide.

The recent fascination with the Aperol Spritz can be attributed, in part, to its highly photogenic bright orange appearance – perfect for social media platforms like Instagram – and unmistakably European charm.

Additionally, experts suggest that the drink’s revival aligns with a broader movement toward more bitter-tasting beverages. It may also reflect the preferences of younger generations who favor lighter, lower-alcohol content drinks – an area where Aperol excels with 11% alcohol by volume (ABV) on average.

Whether you enjoy the tipple for its flavor, vibrant appearance or low-ABV characteristics, the Aperol Spritz has won over the hearts of many with an undeniable appeal that transcends seasons. Here are some ways to tailor your Aperol Spritz to your liking this autumn and beyond: 

Change up your sparkling wine

Although the traditional recipe calls for prosecco (specifically Cinzano Prosecco DOC, owned by the same Milan-based Gruppo Campari, which produces Aperol), playing with the sparkling wine can change the flavor profile significantly. Opt for a brut or extra brut for a drier version or a variety like Moscato d’Asti if you prefer more sweetness. And it goes without saying: Upgrading to a premium, well-balanced sparkling wine can elevate the entire experience.

Explore different amari

Aperol, the star of the show, can be replaced or complemented with various other amari (bitters). Campari, for instance, offers a more bitter and intense experience, while artichoke-based Cynar adds an earthy, herbal note. Explore the wide world of Italian amari to find the perfect match for your palate.

Add a seasonal touch

This autumn and winter, play with ingredients like cranberry, orange wedges or a sprig of rosemary to bring seasonal flavors into your cocktail. And come spring? Try it with a slash of fresh lemon or grapefruit juice.

Try a lesser-known spritz

If you’re in the mood for something unique, try a lesser-known spritz that sets you apart as a tastemaker with discerning preferences. Try the St. Germain Spritz, which combines delicate elderflower liqueur, sparkling wine, and soda for a floral and aromatic twist. Or transport yourself to the Amalfi coast with a Limoncello Spritz, featuring the sweet and citrusy liqueur that evokes the essence of this stunning region.

Whether you’re sipping a classic Aperol Spritz or playing with the recipe, the right glassware is essential to savoring the experience. Add a touch of sophistication to your next cocktail with

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