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We are excited to announce our collaboration with NOC COFFEE CO. Bringing to you an unparalleled experience of simplicity. Customers at NOC can now enjoy brunch in BOMSHBEE Dinnerware at their newest and largest location in Hong Kong: NOC WHAMPOA

NOC Coffee Co., spanning six locations throughout Hong Kong, is more of a philosophy than a coffee shop. Centered upon curation and simplicity, NOC thoughtfully embodies their mission in their coffee craft. 

“Like BOMSHBEE, NOC is intentional in design,” said William Lau, BOMSHBEE co-founder. “For us, this is a perfect match and we are pleased NOC customers will be able to enjoy their brunch and treats on BOMSHBEE products. We believe our products will only add to the experience.”

Known for their diligence in preparation of food and coffee, the NOC experience comes with an overall calm aesthetic. Both NOC AND BOMSHBEE embody quality in simplicity with compliments of approachable artistry.

“Our favorites from the Bomshbee collection include the Tinge bowl and plates in ash grey,” said Benny Leung, NOC founder. “We appreciate how the exposed rims on the plates and bowls are executed beautifully to highlight the use of glazed and raw porcelain surfaces. The sleek curves on the edges of the dinnerware help create an elegant tablescape.”

“It was love at first sight for us when we saw the Silo Salt and Pepper Shakers. The subtle, wavy texture of the letters ‘S’ and ‘P’, and the different shades of grey color on the shakers are designed to help users distinguish between salt and pepper,” said Leung. “We love that the shakers encompass the minimalist ideals of functionality and thoughtful design.”

“NOC is an acronym of Not Only Coffee. From my experience in the industry, I learned that it takes a lot more than just tasty food and beverage for an eatery to succeed,” said Benny. “The formula to success is made up of exceptional customer service, a service mindset, space design within the restaurant, hygiene and a lot more. I have integrated my observations into NOC’s core values; I think a coffee brand needs to offer more than just good coffee to succeed, so we strive to offer the best of Not Only Coffee, but also food, space, and service.”

For more information about NOC Coffee Co., please visit


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