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A Fresh Twist On Tradition: Designing BOMSHBEE’s New Glass SOOP Spoons

Few things in life are as simple and satisfying as a bowl of piping-hot soup. But to enjoy it to its fullest, having the right utensils on hand is essential. Enter the SOOP Spoon, the newest addition to BOMSHBEE’s elegant line of minimalist tableware.

Growing up in Hong Kong, co-founder William Lau says he was inspired to modernize the humble soup spoon after recalling fond memories at large family get-togethers, where his loved ones connected over shared meals – many of which featured soups on the menu.

“Traditionally in Hong Kong, soups are served before or after the main courses,” says William. “Soups and broths are very special in Chinese and Cantonese cuisine, and many people believe that a meal isn’t complete without soup.”

In Chinese culture, soups are inextricably linked with healing and traditional medicine. They’re believed to help restore balance in the body through specially selected ingredients with medicinal properties, such as herbs, vegetables, meats, eggs, noodles and even dried fruits. More than just a delicious side dish, Chinese cooks carefully plan their soups according to seasonality and take several hours of patient preparation.

Asian-style soup spoons, which can hold generous amounts of soup in their flat, oval-shaped heads,  are ideal for these kinds of nourishing remedies. And that’s why for many, these traditional spoons are more than just humble utensils for enjoying a warm bowl of broth – they embody centuries of cultural heritage and culinary traditions.

“We wanted to create something that pays tribute to the classic ceramic Chinese-style spoon while reimagining it for the modern table,” says William. “Something that would pop in front of the eye and on camera. Ultimately, we decided to use smoke-colored borosilicate glass to craft our SOOP Spoons – a first for Asian spoons.”

As the primary material in BOMSHBEE’s best-selling Angle glassware collection – comprising elegant highball glasses, versatile water tumblers, and go-anywhere Barrel Cups – borosilicate glass is prized for its durability, heat-resistance, and crystal-clear quality. William and his team work closely with a family-run factory in China’s Hebei province, located a few hours outside of Beijing, that handmakes all of their premium borosilicate glass products.

Keen to further elevate the new SOOP Spoon without veering too far from its time-honored blueprint, the team at BOMSHBEE decided to tweak the handle to make it longer and more curved – easier for all hand shapes and sizes. “I remember when I was little, before we could use chopsticks properly, we had to use spoons for our meals, which was usually dishes like braised pork mince or steamed fish over rice,” says William. “So I wanted to design a handle that’s easy for anyone, including small children, to hold and maneuver at meal times.”

The spoon’s wide, flat bowl also delivers an ideal broth-to-noodle ratio and makes it easy to pick up and enjoy delicate foods like tofu or fish. It’s highly versatile, too – ideal for kitchen tasks like measuring out spices, tasting sauces or marinades or serving up rice, side dishes, or desserts.

William points out that BOMSHBEE’s new SOOP Spoons also feature a thoughtful nod to another Asian-inspired product in the company’s collection. “These spoons complement our Chop Chopsticks, as they feature the same unique teardrop-shaped handle. It’s subtle, but we felt connecting these two pillars of Asia’s culinary heritage was important.”

Ready to dig in? BOMSHBEE SOOP Spoons USD$20 will be available to order online from October 1st. Order today to be among the first to try our modern take on classic Chinese soup spoons.


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